We mold awesome stuff

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

-Steve Jobs

01 / Product design process

     Every product and service in the marketplace is out there competing for attention. What makes them stand out? Creative design maintaining the core functionality, is the first step towards working on the WOW factor. Product design is known to influence consumer behavior heavily.
        We at Classy are firm believers in the above, so we have invested in an in-house design team comprising of qualified and experienced designers who are well aware about the aesthetic of shapes, colors and patterns. We work on the mandate given by the Brand owners to us and deliver something extra. Giving them 2/3 options for finalization with 2 and 3d drawings and views with color and embedded artwork.

02 / 3D printing

        3D printing is a technology that allows users to turn any digital file into a three dimensional physical product. Prototyping Materials used are PLA, PA, Nylon, etc. for printing articles. It helps us to identify any errors in design so that it can be cured in actual product supply.
       We have invested in these machines, so that once the Brand owner finalizes a single or a couple of designs we can print them in one of the above material. We even embed the decoration on the same. Now this gives the client the exact look and feel of the product. Sometimes it is possible to even fill the product and check for its volume etc.

03 / Mold Designing

       The importance of mold design on the productivity of a tool is often overlooked in the design of a mold. Several areas in the mold design exist where the molder must work with the mold builder in order to optimize the productivity of the mold. The concept of Mold design is very important for the company, as a good standard for mold productivity is saleable parts out of the press per hour. Cycle time and part quality are the critical aspects of saleable parts per hour.
          Since we have an inhouse tool room for making most molds , we have got all the software for making and analyzing the mold design and how the part will be ejected and flow of material in the mold etc can be simulated. This helps reducing the cycle times and also helps to arrest mold issue at the design stage it self.

04 / Prototype Mold || 05 / Multi cavity Mold

    After making the prototype, we can take step forward for Prototype mold. It requires very less time to make this mold, with the help of prototype mold we can actually take out samples in required materials (PP, HDPE, etc.) and can get actual feel of samples as we can test them in all necessary means like Physically, Dimensionally, Volumetrically, etc. This is an extra step , only used if the client is unsure about the product.
    This is were the need of the above steps , properly done makes the actual difference, it is very time consuming and expensive to make an changes in the multi cavity molds. It is the final mold made with, made after correcting all the flaws and flaunts. Actual production of samples are molded from this mold and submitted to customer as per their requirement.